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Not all impact is created equal and investors are struggling to find independent news and information. That is why we publish ‘Impact Investor’.

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With reporters in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands, we cover the impact market from a distinctly European perspective. Our experienced journalists provide an independent voice, combining sharp reporting with storytelling.

We bring you key facts, compelling stories and fresh insights to help you navigate the world of impact investing.

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Meet our editorial team

Maaike Veen, co-founder and editor-in-chief Impact Investor

Following an economics degree and post-graduate in journalism, I embarked on a career in international journalism. Working as a correspondent for Dow Jones Newswires in Amsterdam, I immersed myself in covering large corporates, the dot-com boom and ensuing corporate failures and accounting scandals.

Between 2004 - 2013 I lived in London, where I swapped my job on Fleet Street for freelancing as a UK & Ireland correspondent for Dutch media (e.g. Trouw, Elsevier, ANP, RTL Z). I also worked as an investment writer for a Financial Times publication aimed at institutional investors. Here I discovered social responsible investing.

Back in the Netherlands, I switched careers, directing my attention on business development and fundraising for impact-investing related initiatives, be it large NGOs, impact investors or startups. During this work I identified the need for an independent, European media platform covering the sector. Our Impact Investor newsletter is only the beginning!


Charlotte Boström – editor Impact Investor

I'm a Swedish journalist, living in Amsterdam. In 2007 I got my first reporter job and since then I have been working as a news reporter, political columnist, editorial staff writer and financial journalist.

Surprisingly, the fact that I'm a foreigner has turned into a great asset in my work: What seems normal and uncontroversial to the target audience often makes me jump. With this mindset, I've become a regular contributor to major Dutch print media titles (NRC Handelsblad, Het Financieele Dagblad, Vrij Nederland, Nu.nl). I'm especially interested in fiscal policies and the social contract between European citizens, businesses and governments.

At Impact Investor, I get a thrill out of dissecting catchy elevator pitches and beautiful impact reports. What's the other side of the story? Get in touch.


Danielle Rossingh - editor Impact Investor

I'm a multi-media business & sports business writer and journalist, who has worked for the world's biggest media companies, including the Daily Telegraph, the BBC, De Telegraaf and a decade at Bloomberg News. I went freelance in 2015, and am currently a contributing writer for CNN Online, Forbes Sportsmoney, S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Daily Dose and Impact Investor. Raised on a farm in the Dutch countryside, I’ve been based in the U.K. since 2002. When I’m not working, I can be found running around on a tennis court or cycling on the beach with our young son. Passionate about leaving our world a better place for the next generation.


Charlotta Asplund Catot

I’m a Swedish freelance journalist based in Brussels. Since 2011, I have been reporting about EU affairs as well as French and Belgian politics for Swedish media. I focus specifically on international development cooperation and human rights but also cover topics ranging from water legislation to gender equality and agriculture. Writing about impact investing is for me to be part of the solution of achieving sustainable development worldwide. I worked previously as press contact for international development cooperation at the European Commission.


James Gavin

I’m an experienced journalist covering emerging markets, with a focus on innovations in financing. Formerly based in the Middle East, where I have reported going back more than two decades, and a regular visitor to southern and eastern Africa. I focus on investor approaches to areas such as energy and agriculture – and how impact investors are transforming sectors that have a real impact on ordinary people and businesses. I’ve authored reports on funding for businesses in East Africa, and regularly contribute to a number of publications, including Global Investor, Middle East Economic Digest, The Banker, the Economist Intelligence Unit among others.


Tjibbe Hoekstra

I am a freelance journalist with 10 years’ experience writing about financial markets, investing and pensions, reporting from London and Amsterdam. Helped by an inborn sense of curiosity, I concentrate on analysing trends in financial markets and, more specifically, the pension sector. As for impact investing, my core interest is in investigating how to correctly quantify the impact of investments that are being labelled as such.


Pirkko Juntunen

I started my journalism career at Institutional Investor Newsletters in 1997 after having studied for an MA in International Journalism at City University in London. Two years later I joined Financial News, now owned by Dow Jones, in 1999 where I continued covering the European institutional investor markets until joining Fidelity as a fund analyst in 2004. Since 2006, I have been working freelance. I continue to write about pensions and investments with a focus on alternatives and ESG/impact investing but also do corporate work, event production and moderating in the financial services sector.


Christian Nielsen

I have over 25 years of experience in professional communications, journalism, training, film and media. I worked in business communications and as a sports reporter while completing a journalism diploma, and trained as a copy editor at the Wall Street Journal Europe. In 2001, I joined ESN, a Brussels communications agency, where I was eventually head of editorial.

For me, joining the Impact Investing team feels like a natural confluence of experiences in business, journalism, the environment and social justice all coming together.

Writing projects on the side include a contemporary novel (Ray of Hope), and I also regularly document my experiences and travels on an award-winning blog, Chronikler.com.


Sara Nkwe Assarsson

I’m a Sweden-based freelance journalist and radio reporter with an interest in global development, health, innovation and social issues. I have a background as a health reporter and currently divide my time between Scandinavia and sub-Saharan Africa, reporting on humanitarian issues and innovative approaches to improve global health. Reporting for Impact Investor combines my interests in development and social entrepreneurship, and I look forward to reporting on this new model of solving some of today’s social challenges.


Geoff Smith

I have been a financial journalist for nearly 30 years with Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Fortune, for whom I covered the Volkswagen emissions scandal in 2015/6. That episode strengthened a long-standing passion in me for cleaner energy and mobility. I believe firmly that business can and should be a force for good in raising the quality of life everywhere, and that proper incentive structures and outside scrutiny are indispensable to that.


Christopher Walker

I have significant global experience at the highest levels of the asset management, banking, family office, and pensions industries, and was an early innovator in responsible investing. Since 1998, I have been working as a senior journalist and columnist specializing in thought pieces, book reviews, and industry leader profiles (The Times, The Independent, Responsible Investor, IPE and Impact Investor). I’m based in London, the United States, and my wildlife sanctuary in France.


Rhea Wessel

I’m an American writer based near Frankfurt with more than 25 years of writing experience. My work has appeared in publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. I’m interested in the work impact investors are doing to solve some of the world's biggest problems. An advisor to thought leaders, I also train subject-matter experts on how to find and frame their best ideas. www.instituteforthoughtleadership.com